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March 2, 2013
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Now that your suffering was finally over, you were holding your precious newborn son to yourself, with hot tears of happiness on your cheeks. You were the happiest on earth and you gently stroked his tiny back. He was already bathed and now covered in a blue blanket.

Only your husband, Ludwig was missing. He left his workplace as soon as he get to know that your son was on his way but he still got stuck in traffic jam and now he could be somewhere in his car and probably cussing.

You just kept hugging and stroking your little baby as he peacefully rested on your chest. You haven't even given him a name yet so you started thinking about the best choice. You and Ludwig had a few names on your minds but you still couldn't pick the best one.

You sighed loudly, accidentally making your tiny man squirm and whimper. "Awww, no, no, don't worry, was mommy too loud?" You whispered, trying to reassure the poor scared boy. You moved your head closer to his face and planted a soft kiss carefully on his forehead.

When you slowly pulled away, that was when you saw your baby's eyes open for the very first time. You gasped softly and held him a bit tighter, not to scare him again.

They weren't the color you expected. The pale skin and the fair hair wasn't special at all but you never thought that crimson colored eyes would look back at you.

After you came back to earth you smiled and gently caressed his cheek with your thumb. "You really surprised mommy now, my little albino." You spoke to him quietly. You knew that albinism was inherited in interesting ways but you never expected your own child to become like this. Not like you minded it at all.

"Miss, your husband has just arrived, he'd like to see you." You suddenly heard from a nurse and you waited excitedly for Ludwig to enter the room and he did so in the next second.

"Liebe!" He rushed to your bed and squatted down to see you and his son's face from closer. "Hi honey, look what I got for you." You smiled, slightly uncovering the baby.

He looked at him with the most honest smile you've ever seen from anyone. He didn't say anything but the look on his face spoke instead him. You couldn't see properly but meanwhile the little one closed his eyes, not revealing his little secret in front of his daddy. You only noticed the sudden surprised look on your husband's face.

"Red? I'm disappointed, he shouldn't look like his crazy uncle." He sighed. "He might turn out like him." But he was smiling the whole time while he was speaking, of course he didn't care about what his soon looked like. You giggled softly. "It's in your family and so was it in mine it seems. Hey, Luddy..." You whispered with a coy smile on your face. "Yes my dear?" "Can we name him Gilbert?" You giggled.

He grinned and let out a big sigh. "No way, Liebe. One of my brother is more than enough." "But pleaaaaase." You pouted cutely. "Oh no, what about the names we talked about?" "But..." You realised you have to make a compromise. Maybe that would work.

"Can it be his middle name at least? You can choose the first name and everyone will be happy." Ludwig let out another sigh but since he loved you so much... He agreed.

You cheered quietly and stroked your sleeping baby's back gently. And your sweet little son got the name ___________ Gilbert Beilschmidt. But you agreed with your Luddy, you sometimes had the craziest ideas ever.

When Gilbert got to know how his nephew was named after 'the awesome him', you could hear his silly 'kesesese' laugh in the phone. Of course he was happy and he wanted to see the baby as soon as possible, but only after celebrating his birth with Antonio and Francis.
all I have is one thing to tell people... no, reader didn't screw Gilbert
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Wolverina22 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  New member Student Writer
Okay....Panda Emoji-16 (Whew) [V1] I didn't cheat.
AmarindaCrosstin Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  New member
Lucius Gilbert Beilshmidt. HIS NAME SOUNDS EVIL!! X3
leakittychan Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Yes... O_O Sounds like the devil himself.
AmarindaCrosstin Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  New member
He will hunt you down! 😈
Marshalyn4ever Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg the first name that popped in my head was Ivan Gilbert Beilschmidt.

XDDDDD I started to laugh so hard
girl2318 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Parker Gilbert Beilschmidt
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
Nice. That is good. :)
Mermaidgirl548 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Herald Gilbert Beilschmidt. First name is my grandfathers. (He is German.)
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leakittychan Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
God, you gave me a heart attack, I thought you wanted to report me as well. Can't we just use notes?
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