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January 12, 2013
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You were a new coutry in Europe, you formed only a few years ago. You started from nothing and you were famous now for your creativity and skills. In the beginning nobody liked you, you were just a territory they all could have gained for themselves. But as time passed, you grew more confident, stronger and richer. Everything worked just like it should have and it seemed like nothing ever could go wrong. Your people were happy and after finally clearing all your debts you leaned back happily on your chair. It was time to celebrate!

Unfortunately the evil other countries still wanted to have you for themselves. They liked you for all the wonderful things you built and it was like they started competing eachother to get you. No, they didn't start a war against you, they didn't invade you, they didn't want to destroy your beauty because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to rebuild it.

They wanted to get you like them so you kept getting gifts almost every single day. First you were happy about them because you naively thought they were congratulating you but after a while you realised what they wanted.

Large boquets of flowers, pretty dresses, rare gems, expensive jewels, and things from their own culture. They were just making you even richer. Sometimes they would even come to your house to ask you to get allied with them, sometimes even asking to form one country with them.

But of course you said no. So you didn't have any friends or allies, but when there was a good opportunity for you gain something, you agreed to work together with another country. You gladly helped others though when they asked you and you were actually very friendly. You just didn't want to be owned by anyone else. You prefered to be neutral.

Some liked you for the things you made and a really few for who you really were. For example Germany was someone who was in love with you. He asked your advice a few times and your ideas always seemed to work for him too. You treated him just as friendly as the others, he wasn't special for you. Just one of the others.

One day you found a boquet of red roses on your doorstep as you were arriving home from France's place. With a bored face you lifted the flowers up and read the small card among them.

"From Germany. I hope you like them."

You sighed and entered the house and put the roses in a vase and put it next to the other twohundred-thirty-six boquets. Him too already? - You asked yourself. You took a shower and went to bed early, you just ignored Germany's gift.

Days later somebody knocked on your door... again. You got up with an unamused face and opened the door to see Germany right in front of you.

"Guten Tag, Frau."
You smiled and sighed softly. You did your best to learn at least a few words in so many languages to make your guests happy so you understood him easily.
"Guten Tag, Ludwig, come in."
He entered the house and you led him into the living room. You served him some drink and snack and you two had a nice conversation about your current states. He had some troubles and he needed someone to talk and cheer him up at least.

He was really glad to see you. He kept smiling almost the whole time and he kept admiring you. You had the feeling he wasn't exactly like others but you were never sure. You couldn't do anything, you couldn't get rid of your doubts.

"So did you like the roses I sent you?"
"Of course I did, they were wonderful. Thank you very much." You answered automatically, just like every single time you were asked that question. He looked honestly happy when he heard your answer.
"I'm glad you did. Don't mention it."
"Would you like to eat something more? Or do you want a drink?"
"No, thank you. Actually..." He looked aside for a second. "I would like to ask something."
"Oh, and it would be?"
"Well you know..."

He was looking for words. How could he tell that he really loves you from the bottom of his heart and he would be the happiest man in the world if you would live with him. What he felt for you was more than greed. He wanted to make you happy too.

You watched him and waited patiently for him to say something.
"You know, every country envies you because you're a really great country. Beautiful, motivated, rich, colorful, friendly, helpful and so much more."
You listened to him with a smile on your face, hearing words like that always felt so nice. You liked to be complimented.
"Yes, I know that..." You blushed a bit. And the countries would never stop visiting you for things... But you didn't want to offend him with saying that.
"And I know I'm probably not the only one with this offer..." He sighed. "But... I would be really happy if we could make an alliance and if we could work together. You could help me improve myself too and... I could give you anything you need too." He looked at the floor at the last sentence.

"But... I don't need anything."
He suddenly looked at you again. You were sitting close to a window so you were staring outside. Germany was getting nervous. He really hoped his plan would work.
"But listen to me, ___________. Without allies, if there is a war, you might lose very quickly. The enemy might be way stronger than you. I don't want that to happen to you. I would like to protect you but you have to let me. Please, form an alliance with me. Or let's make one country. That's even safer."
"No." You protested firmly. "You're right about the war part but if I ally with one country, another will hate me for that. If I make a friend, I make enemies too at the same time. I'd prefer saying neutral to everyone."
"Yes, I understand that. But problem is that almost everyone wants to own you. You should be more protected, that's why I thought...
"You just want to own me too."
"Yes... but... there's something different about me that you don't know."
"And what is that?"

He took a deep breath again. You wondered what it might be because he seemed to nervous about it. Why would he be different?
"I don't only like you for what the others. I like you for yourself. I barely see you as a country. You're a wonderful woman to me. Someone I could spend the rest of my life with. That's why I want you so badly to join me."

You froze for a few seconds. That actually surprised you. He said something you never expected from him. You quickly closed your eyes for a moment and returned to reality.
"Is that like... want to marry me?"
"Yes." He almost whispered with his cheek slightly pink.
"Oh..." You sighed and bit your lip. You didn't know what to do.

Silence filled the room for a while. You didn't know how to react and he was only waiting for your answer. You sighed again and ran your fingers through your hair.
"I can't." You replied shortly.
Germany jumped a bit at your answer. It was definitely not what he was expecting.
"But why not?" He asked desparately.
"Look, Ludwig. I like you, that's true. But do you even know how much I suffered to finally become a country this big? I started from nothing. I'm not a large country, that's true, but I sweated blood to become like this. I was fighting for my freedom for so many years before I was acknowledged as a country. How could I ever live under anyone's control again? I won't let all my hard work to go to waste. I'm staying the way I am. Not even you will be able to change that. I'm alright like this and I don't need anyone. I'll be just me, myself and I. I'm sorry."

Germany lowered his head and remained quiet. You couldn't look him in the eyes and you felt bad about him too. But you had no choice. You couldn't let that happen.
"I see..." He mumbled. "In that case..." He got up and took on his jacket. "I'm sorry I was disturbing you. Have a nice evening."

And he slowly walked outside, leaving you alone in the living room. You stared at yout feet and you felt guilty... But you could never accept an offer like that. Marry you? That's so silly... Something like that was something you never planned.

Germany was walking home sadly and disappointedly. He never thought he could be rejected. As he was walking, soon it started raining too, ruining his mood even more. He stopped and looked up at the sky. He felt like heavens were crying for him. He couldn't show himself weak, he couldn't cry. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

No. He's not going to give up. He's going to make you his, no matter what it takes.
if you want I'll write a sequel~
I've been wanting to write this for a while now~
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