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It was late at night. You were kneeling on your bed and stared outside through the window, your head supported by both your arms. Ludwig was still nowhere, he was working late again. You sighed and quietly continued listening to the gentle rain that was hitting the street. It was completely dark in your room, your only source of light was the streetlamp not so far from your window.

It was weird how you waited for him like a lost child everytime he came home late. He told you many times to go back to bed at times like this but you didn't care, there was no way you would have gone to sleep without him.

Soon a shadow appeared on the street, the shadow you had been expecting. You immediately jumped up and ran downstairs to the door. "Hi!" You almost jumped on him in excitement when he entered the house. "Hallo Liebe." He smiled and patted your head. "You should be sleeping." "You know I can't without seeing you first." You pouted and he leaned down to you to kiss you quickly. "Go to bed, I'll take a shower then join you, alright?" "Mhm." You nodded and smiled sweetly, earning another pat and some hair ruffling. You giggled and headed back to the bedroom where you curled up on the bed and waited for him.

Geez, you were really acting like a child and he did treat you like one! But you didn't even mind, it somehow meant comfort for you, even though you were a child a long time ago. Maybe it was because he was older than you and he kept you safe, he was the one you really looked up to and he was the only one who supported and cared about you, just like a good father. You loved him as your lover, yes, but sometimes you felt like he was something even more than that.

You were sitting there, hugging your legs, deep in thought until you heard the door open and Ludwig entered the room. You immediately looked up and smiled at him. "Hallo Papa." "What?" He giggled as he walked closer and tiredly plopped down onto the bed next to you. "You heard me." You snuggled to him and lay your arm across his chest. He snuck his arm under your neck and pulled you close. You lay your head on his shoulder and he stroked your hair slowly.

"It's past 3." He said softly as he looked at the watch on the nightstand. "I know." You mumbled sleepily. "You should be sleeping." "I know... Sometimes I seriously think you're my father or something." You giggled. "Huh? That's so silly, why would you think so?" You slowly crawled on top of him, kissed him long and gently caressed his cheeks. "Because you worry too much about me. You make sure I eat, I dress well, you want me in bed early..." You giggled softly again. "I'm like a child to you. Not like I mind though. I'm sure your babies are going to have a great father." "You mean our babies, right?" He carefully held your chin and pulled your lips close to his. "Of course. But... I kind of wish I had a father like you."

Sensing how awkward that probably sounded, you buried your face into his chest right after finishing the sentence. You heard him chuckle softly, making you even more embarassed. Soon you felt his hand slowly stroke your back and he planted a kiss on top of your head. "It's alright, Liebe. I'm glad I can do this for you." You shifted a bit, still being a little embarassed. "Well then... You will be Papa for me, alright?" He giggled softly and hugged you tightly. "Alright, whatever you wish."

"Yay!" You grinned and slowly lifted your head up to look at his face. He was smiling back and you and you received another gentle kiss on your forehead. "But let's sleep now. It's very late." "Alright, Papa. Goodnight." "Goodnight." You lay your head back on his chest and he pulled the blanket over you two and hugged you to sleep.
Inspired by the rain today while sitting on my aunt's bed and my great-grandma's story how my mother waited for her grandpa to get home late at night when she was little. Other than that:
I have no idea why I want Germany to be my father and my lover at the same time... I had no idea when I wrote the Stepdaughter!Readers too. And Ludwig in my fanfics turns out most of the time like :iconchitsukii: I mean the actions are pretty similar... Even though he's my boyfriend, sometimes he really acts like a father to me and he's really the only man who shows affection towards me. And I always stay up late just to piss him off <3
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Fortheloveofchaos Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:iconamenplz: I do that a lot too XD stay up late to piss him off, not act like he's my papa that is
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Oh my god Pokemon references! :0 FANTASTIC
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I had no idea!
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No but it was adorable ;v;
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That was ssoo fluffy I think I'm going to die from the fluffyness -------SSSSSSOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~thats a good thing ya going on
leakittychan Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
thank you so much T^T
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