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October 31, 2012
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You were so scared. You just realised you're having German exams in a few months and thanks to the lamest German teacher ever who taught you at school, instead improving you got much worse in the language.
"I'm so going to fail, I'm so going to fail, my parents are going to kill me and I have no decent German teacher, what am I going to do now?!"
You fall on your bed and buried your face into your pillow and screamed into it. And then you just lay there for who knows how long when something finally came to your mind. You knew someone who could help you and it was Ludwig, Germany himself!
You begged him for so long, it took a while until he grew sick of you whining so much and agreed to teach you. You were incredibly happy because now you had the chance to get better at German and maybe you can pass the exams too.
You had classes with him almost every day, it depended on whether he had time for you or not. ... You ended up hating to go to the classes though you had to. You felt so uncomfortable and stupid. You said the stupidest things when it came to talking in German. Ludwig facepalmed himself so many times... All you wanted to do was to hide in a dark place forever or bury yourself somewhere. He could see you trying so hard but you couldn't learn things easily. He had to use other methods to make you learn.
And that was just so cruel. He made you run a lap for each mistake you made. And he was very strict, he didn't let you slow down, not even a little bit. You kept running and running and until the end of the day you ran 40 laps. You had no idea how you could run so much at all, maybe you were scared of even worse punishments for the wrong answers. When you finished, you collapsed in front of him and all you could do was lying on the ground. You were all sore and  you didn't feel your legs anymore. You panted and stared at the sky, trying hard to finally catch your breath. The sun was already going down and you had no idea how you're going to go home if you can't walk or get up at all. Ludwig was going to rather make a soldier out of you, not teach you German - you thought.
He stepped closer to you and looked down at you.
"It won't be gut like this, Frau, I hope you know that."
"Y...Yeah I know..." You panted still.
"It's time for you to put some more effort into studying else you will have to run so many more laps."
You closed your eyes and nodded slowly.
"The awesome me has arrived!" You heard a very familiar voice getting closer. It was Prussia, Ludwig's big brother, whose name was Gilbert. "What's up and why is __________ lying there?"
Alright, you felt so ashamed in those minutes, you thought you will die.
"Long story." You replied shortly. But Ludwig told him.
"Sie wollte Deutsch von mir lernen aber sie machte so viele Fehler, es war sehr ärgerlich, deshalb musste sie jetzt laufen wenn sie eine falsche Antwort mir gab.  (She wanted to learn German from me but she made so many mistakes it was very annoying, so now she had to run when she gave me a wrong answer.)
You thought you were going to cry, you didn't want Gilbert to know about it and now Ludwig was totally raping your brain with still talking in German. Oh well, but it was just another way to force you to learn more.
"Ooh..." Gil crouched next to you and poked your arm. "Aber lebt sie noch immer? (But does she still live?)" You didn't move and he continued poking you and you let out a painful groan when he poked your aching thigh.
"Stop it you...!" You bit your lip not to swear.
He chuckled and gently picked you up and held you bridal style. You still continued groaning a bit.
"Sorry, ________. My Bruder's way must have been though for you. But why do you want to learn German so badly?"
"Exams. I need help."
"Ooh... Maybe I could help you too." He grinned.
You looked up at him and blinked. Why did he grin?
"I promise my ways will be much more fun, so, are you coming with me?"
"Uuuh..." You weren't sure it was good for you.
"Alright, I'll take that as a yes!" And he lay you onto his shoulder quickly and you screamed shortly, still because of the pain but now because you were scared too.
"What are you doing, put me down right now!" You yelled.
"Nein, you are coming with me and I'll teach you. We're going to have lots of fun, kesese~"
"Ah, one more rule, ________. Von jetzt verstehe ich nur Deutsch~ (From now I understand only German.)
"No, put me down!" You still struggled but you were too weak.
Gilbert turned around and left Ludwig there and he carried you towards their house.
"No! Ludwig! Save me from your crazy brother!" You looked at him desparately. But he only shook his head and walked away too.
"Traitor... Gil, put m-"
"Nur Deutsch, Liebe~"
Liebe? What the hell?! You sighed and gave in and started thinking about how to tell him to stop in his native language. Lots of verbs ran through your mind but you just couldn't find the right word and you were so tired too, you just started whining on his shoulder.
And you just got more scared when he walked through the living room and entered his bedroom. He lay you on his bed and sat next to you then slowly leaned over you. You blushed deeply and still had no idea what was going on. Then a thought hit you... What if now that he knows how much you fail at German, but he will only listen to things you say in German... He knew you probably won't be able to stop him and you were so tired, you couldn't refuse him too much and he could do anything to you...!
"GILBERT!" You shouted at him in a scared way.
"Leave me alone... Let me go... Please."
"Tut mir leid, Frau, ich konnte dich nicht verstehen~ (I'm sorry lady, I couldn't understand you.)"
"Come on, don't do this to me..."
"Warum nicht? (Why not?)" You felt his hand touch and stroke your thigh again which made you shiver a bit.
"Please... Or... Bitte... St..." You were thinking hard again, trying to look for the words in your head.
Suddenly he leaned even closer to you and you shut your eyes closed. He was so close and you were so embarrassed. If it was just some stupid dream, you wanted to wake up very quickly.
In the next moment you suddenly remembered how Ludwig sometimes yells at Gilbert when he's doing something stupid. You finally remembered that word...
"Hör auf. (Stop it.)" He got farther from you and you were calmer and sighed. "Bitte... Lass mich in Ruhe. (Please... Leave me alone.)"
He chuckled softly and played with your hair.
"Aber warum? Ich dachte wir werden Spaß haben. (But why? I thought we'll have some fun.)
"I hatte genug "Spaß" mit deinem Bruder heute. (I had enough "fun" with your brother today.)"
"Waaaas? Worüber sprichst du, ______?! (Whaaat? What are you talking about?!"
You giggled and stretched your aching limbs and sighed loudly.
"Nichts. Bleib ruhig. (Nothing. Stay calm.)" You squirmed a bit again and groaned, you could still hardly move. You felt his hand caressing your cheek soon.
"You're not even that bad at German. All I had to do was to scare you and I could make you talk. Just keep practicing."
"I'll try... Ugh!"
"Wait, I'll get you some painkiller." He stood up and walked out of the room.
You were a little happy now. But you were so tired, you couldn't stay awake until Gilbert returned with that medicine. He covered you with the blanket and let you sleep in his bed peacefully that night.
my second CountryXReader with the Beilschmidt bros! :D
the first part is... the story of my life >.> but I only wish I had Ludwig and Gil teaching me...
German speaking people please help me to improve XD *already scared of many people correcting me*
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Livingdrei Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're german is really good :D I'm a native speaker and in some hetalia stories I don't any of the german the use there xD
P.S If you need you need some help in german I can help you :D
leakittychan Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
It's ridiculous how some people want to show off with German and it's just bullshit by Google translator :D
I really want to learn German again, take it to a level where I don't only have this paper about my German exams but I can actually speak it :D I'll be home in 3 weeks from holiday, I might start something then, thank you.
Livingdrei Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
<subI agree compeltly with you :D wow that's really great that you can speak it :D many people who are learning german often don't dare to speak german, that'S really sad :( Okay no problem <3
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leakittychan Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
HansFanatic69 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
no part 2?
leakittychan Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
Darksgirl120 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
trying to speak the parts reader-chan says in German and I have no idea if I have them right or not x3
MonteDeNeko300 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I read and write better than speaking in German xD
leakittychan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
same here!
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