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It has been only a short while since you lived with Germany, I mean Ludwig. You still had to get used to things there, everything was completely different.

Ludwig adopted you a few weeks ago. He didn't plan on taking care of you for a long while, he wanted to pass you as soon as possible, he didn't have much time for raising children. He was already busy enough.

And with being so busy came a lot of frustration too, he was pretty annoyed lately. He often walked around growling and mumbling words in German that you never understood. When you saw him like that, you rather turned around and sneaked back to your room, hoping he didn't even notice you.

No, he never hurt you. Your father did back then. Until you got finally rescued and now just the sight of a strong and tall  man scared you. You feared Ludwig and you shivered when you looked into those icy blue eyes. When he touched you, your body tensed automatically. When he woke you in the morning, he didn't have to say twice, you jumped out of the bed immediately when he turned the lights on and you got dressed in a minute. He never understood your fear, sometimes when he was calm, he got even worried about you. You always behaved, he never had to tell you not to do something or raise his voice when he talked to you and hurting you didn't come to his mind, not even once. He could only guess what you've been through.

You didn't talk much, only when you really wanted to ask something or when you had to answer him, you pretty much kept distance from him. He was actually nice to you, just a bit impatient sometimes and your memories still kept haunting you.

One day he had a guest. It was the man who always shouted how awesome he was and who happened to be Ludwig's brother, Gilbert, also knows as Prussia. You were near them too when they talked. Of course you couldn't really understand what it was about but the arrogant Prussian seemed to make Ludwig pretty angry.

They were talking and talking and you were standing not too far from them meawhile. They both seemed to ignore you and you were just watching them and holding your only stuffed animal tightly. You didn't even know why you didn't leave.

Ludwig shouted something at his smirking brother and turned around to leave him there. You held your toy tighter and looked up at the annoyed German. You worried about him and you wanted to know why he was so mad... But the cold blue eyes that yours met made you change your mind. He was so scary.

You stared up at him just for another second before you dropped your stuffed animal and ran out of the room as fast as you could. You didn't think about it, your body reacted on it's own. You quickly wanted a place to hide.

As you were running, you tripped on the doorstep and fell against the door jamb. It hurt your shoulder pretty badly, you shrieked shortly and you decided to run under the kitchen table and curled up against the wall. You held your knees against your chest and sobbed quietly, hoping that no one will look for you. The pain in your shoulder grew stronger too and you bit your lip.

Meanwhile Ludwig heard you scream and for a moment he just got more annoyed, then he just wanted to know what happened to you. He followed where he heard your voice come from and ran into the kitchen too. He looked around just for a short time before finding a trembling you under tha table. He kneeled down in front of you and looked at you.

"___________, what's wrong? Come out of there."

You whimpered quietly and shook your head.

"Please." He sighed.

You still didn't want to come out, you just tried to seem smaller. He got bored of the game quickly and he slowly raised his arm towards you and grabbed your arm then pulled you out carefully. You protested and tried to free yourself from his grip but he was much stronger than you.

He pulled you close to himself and you sat down on the floor in front of him. He slowly let go ot your arm. You were scared to look at him though and you were still shivering.

"Did I scare you?" He asked softly and held your small hand carefully.

His tone made you calmer but you were still worried so you just nodded slowly. He sighed and held you carefully against his chest. You listened to his heartbeat and he gently patted your head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to do that. Gilbert just made me so pissed... But you don't need to worry, nothing bad will happen to you. Do you understand?"

His large hand stroked your back now and you sighed in relief. His words and hug magically made you calm down.

"What is this?" His eyes widened as he turned you around to see your shoulder. "You're bleeding. What happened?" He slid the dress off of your shoulder to see your wound.

"I-I tripped..." You said shyly.
"Does it hurt?" He asked and you replied only with a nod.
"Oh you..." He sighed and lifted you up. He took a quick look at the clock and held you a bit tighter. "It's getting late anyway. I'll bathe you and heal your wound, alright?"
"Alright..." You whispered.

He walked into the bathroom with you and put you down there. He filled up the bathtub with warm water and set you into it. He carefully brushed your hair away from the wound and washed the blood off. He didn't pay too much attention to what he was doing but he suddenly noticed a few things on your back. Scars, bruises and dark spots on your skin. He slowly ran his fingertips over your back and sighed softly.

"You poor girl. It must have been tough on you."

You didn't say a thing. You have already known that. You only got surprised when he suddenly pulled you closer to himself and lay his head on yours.

"I promise you won't get hurt again, alright? I'll protect you from everything, such a little girl should have never had experienced something this horrible. I'll take care of you, I promise you."
"Thank you." You whispered and closed your eyes.

You believed him and he kept his word. With time you could act calmly around him and you two ended up having lots of fun together. He became a great step-father and  from that certain day he never thought about passing you to anyone. He didn't want you to get hurt again. Never again.
so I randomly had this idea for this shitty fanfic X_X I don't like it but maybe someone does
I inspired by sad thoughts

and if you want to read a sick & twisted sequel [link] this part is okay but I warned you in the description there
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