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As time passed, you started receiving less and less gifts from the other countries. They stopped visiting you so often too and when you went to the world meeting, they only gave you these weird, impatient and slightly mad looks.

You couldn't understand it first, it was a real shock when you suddenly figured it out. Of course... You didn't get all those gifts because they wanted your friendship. They all wanted you to become their territory and for now they got impatient because you didn't choose and they will get you as soon as they can. Your army wasn't the strongest and without strong allies, you were an easy target. If you choose one, they all would have let you alone.

"Prepare the army for a case of an attack!" You commanded right away. You had to defend yourself from the others. You would have been stupid not to protect what you built with all that hard work.

You waited nervously for what you didn't want to happen. You hoped that nobody will come and attack you but somehow you felt it. The question was, when they are going attack you. You couldn't even sleep.

And just as expected... One day your beautiful home was suddenly under attack. You were there to face France, England, Russia, and even Prussia. Everyone against everyone for you.

Thankfully they weakened each other so much that you were able to resist their attacks but only one at once. But it was still four against one and you became weaker and weaker. You fought back with all your power but slowly it seemed to be useless. They broke into your home deeper and deeper. Shivering and crying, in ripped and bloody clothes you silently prayed to heavens to send you a savior. Anyone...

But it seemed like your prayers weren't heard by anyone. Until the day when foreign soldiers showed up in your country. You collected your remaining power to protect yourself maybe for the very last time in this world.

It was another surprise when you got to know that they arrived to help you against your opponents. And Germany came to your house again. You have never been this thankful to anyone before. He helped you regain your power and helped you through the war in every way, leading you to victory in the end.

Peace soon returned to your country and you started to recover quickly. You wanted to get in the shape you were in before the war. You were weakened and tired but you couldn't rest, you had to work hard again to rebuild yourself.

And you just couldn't stop telling Germany how thankful you were to him. You bursted into tears so many times and he held you tightly, stroking your back and smiling. He was glad he was able to save you and you survived. He thought he would have died without you.

You let him stay at your place longer because he really wanted to be sure if you were alright and safe and you liked to have him there too. He supported you all the time, even without you asking him for it. And you were happy.

You really enjoyed his company but sometimes you thought he was staying for too long. So much time passed after you two defeated all those greedy countries but he was still there, in your home. You wondered why he didn't go home and take his soldiers with himself. But you didn't ask, you didn't want him to feel like you wanted to kick him out, after he helped you survive.

One day you were in your living room again. Somehow he seemed a bit uncomfortable and nervous and you didn't understand why.
"Umm, Ludwig. Is anything wrong? You seem so... different today."
He looked at you for a moment then stared at the ground again.
"No, everything is alright. I just remembered things from earlier."
"What things?" You asked curiously.
"When I came here and asked you to marry me. Haven't you still changed your mind?"
"Oh, that..." You sighed really softly and looked at the floor too.
"Because I would feel really honored if you would be willing to be my wife. I would do anything for you if you agreed.
"But like that, I won't be an independent country!" You protested desperately.

Germany sighed and gently held your hand and lifted your face up to make you look at him. You were scared again and you didn't know what to do. You didn't want to hurt his feelings but his offer was something you couldn't accept.

"And would it change anything if I said I truly love you and I'm not doing this because I want new territories but because I love you."
You saw him blushing but the same thing happened to you. You couldn't keep the eye contact and your cheeks were deep red.

"Don't you love me too?"
"I... I don't know." Your voice trembled.
"You don't know if you love me? But you cried on my shoulder... You hugged me so many times, you let me stay in your house, you are all affectionate to me and I saved your life too. Please don't tell me you don't feel anything for me." He gently stroked your cheek with his thumb and wiped away the first tear that was running down on your cheek.
"But Ludwig... I really don't know."
"Why not?"
"I don't know... what love is like. I have never felt it. How could I know that love is what I feel? What if it's not? I don't want to lie to you... I don't want you to make you sad. I used to like so many people before I was attacked. But I realized that love wasn't the reason I got those gifts. They never loved me. I was told love was something nice, being good to someone for no reason at all, just pure feelings. But I don't know... I'm just really thankful you saved me from them. But I'm not sure how I feel. No one ever has exactly told or showed me. I'm... I'm really sorry..." You sobbed quietly.
"I could show you, silly." He whispered and kept wiping your tears.

But you just shook your head. You were scared of this whole thing. You didn't know what you felt for him, you were just a little girl, scared of the world. You weren't sure you want Germany by your side and maybe he wasn't the right for you either. You were so confused and you refused him. Again.

And Germany was sad, disappointed and heart-broken one more time. He hated how you were playing with his heart like with a toy. Soon he left your home but he was sure he was going to come back to you. To finally get you and call you his. He was planning on his revenge on you. You are the sweetest to him then you say you don't want him. No way he can let you get away with that so easily.

Just because you refused him, it didn't mean you didn't feel sad or uncomfortable though. It bothered you so badly but you couldn't imagine yourself living with Ludwig. You felt sorry about him, you didn't want to hurt him but you couldn't help it.

You were getting ready to go to bed, you have already turned off the lights, your house was almost completely dark. In your nightwear you were walking to your room, suspecting nothing at all.

But your heart skipped a beat when suddenly pulled you back by your waist and pressed a hand on your mouth to make you stay quiet. You shivered in the stranger's arms, your eyes wide and staring into the darkness in front of you.

"Guten Abend, Liebe." You heard from the man who you already knew who was.
"Mmmhmh..." You tried to speak but you couldn't of course. You were more confused than ever before. You struggled against him but in response he just held you down tighter so you stopped when you realised that you had no chance against him. You continued whimpering softly, wanting to know what was going on.

"Maybe you were right." He started. "You never had to treat me differently from the others. I was always only one of them. You said you don't need my love so I'm not giving it to you. I'll just act like them. I was just another greedy country wanting more terrority. And in the end, I have won the war for you. And now I'm taking what's mine." He whispered the last sentence into your ear, making you shiver and cry in fear.

You shook your head and tried to free yourself from his grip bit he was still stronger you and you were still weak.
"The less you struggle, the less painful it will be." He said coldly.

More tears rolled down on your cheeks as he dragged you to your bedroom.

And nobody heard your screams of pain or anything else.

The room kept you and Germany's secret.

And soon you were only his, just as he wanted. His precious little ______________, who belonged to him forever from then.
here you are with part 2~
if you wish, I will make an extra chapter about the sexy German invasion of you :3
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